A Word of Caution.

The rental of apartments in Paris can be a delicate affair. In no other area of French property rentals is there so much potential for disappointment and misunderstanding.

The problem, we believe, lies in the gap between travelers' fantasies of a typical Paris apartment, and the unfortunate reality. When people think of Paris, they imagine a city which more than any other in the world epitomizes style, elegance and unfailing good taste in all things related to the decorative arts.

This perception is actively fostered by Parisians and borne out in innumerable ways, from the way Parisian women dress to how galleries and antiquaires arrange their merchandise in store display windows. But alas, when it comes to apartments offered for rental, nothing could be further from the truth.

Just France has inspected scores of apartments in Paris over the years. Most are drab, dreary and not up to normal standards of cleanliness. Even if they are located in fine neighborhoods or are offered at exceptionally low rates, we decline to offer such properties for rental.

Bearing this caution in mind, we suggest you read our Introduction and Practical Information on Paris Apartment Rentals. Then, if you think our approach fits with your needs, explore our Website in detail to find properties of interest to you. You may use our Booking Request Form to contact us. We look forward to helping you plan a memorable stay in the City of Light.