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The Pyramid at The LouvreWhat Paris so splendidly repeated with its Millennium celebration, as it has done century after century, is to demonstrate that when it comes to exuberant display, to spectacle on a grand scale, to magnitude for magnitude's sake, to the passionate expression of the human spirit tempered by the discipline of art, there is but one city on the planet capable of such gorgeous excess: Paris.

Paris draws hundreds of thousands of visitors annually to its 20 arrondissements. A few leave unhappy, their stay soured by a random waiter or hotel clerk having a bad day. The huge majority leave filled with joy and astonishment, their lives changed, eager to return for another heady experience, for another great meal in that cozy little restaurant where the confit de canard and plummy red wine from Châteauneuf-de-Pape went together like a hand in a velvet glove.

The Eiffel Tower We at JUST FRANCE hope you will be one of those fortunate persons to visit Paris in this new century, and see for yourself what the excitement is all about. Go for whatever reason - for the city's boundless cultural scene, rich with art, opera, theater and dance; for its great shopping, from haute couture to bargains on brocaded linen tablecloths to antique jewelry in the flea markets; and for its cuisine, which - with all its infinite variety and styles, and fabled venues for serving it - remains, despite the carping of some critics, the most sophisticated and at the same time the most simple and essentially flavorful of any in the world. Or go for the best reason of all- because you’re in love and you want to be where all lovers eventually must go.

Your choice of lodging will be an integral part of your Paris experience. For brief visits of only a few days, for travelers who need concierge-style services or who like to know the linens will be changed daily, a hotel is always the best answer. Paris has an abundance of hotels that cover every extreme - large and small, expensive and moderately priced, charming and drab, crisply managed and shoddily run, friendly and grumpy, centrally located and stuck out in far-flung arrondissements. A good guidebook (we suggest you compare notes in several), or perhaps a knowledgeable travel agent (the better agents actually go around and visit hotels while in the city) are good places to start in choosing a hotel.

River SeineBut perhaps you are a good candidate for an apartment. Generally, for about the same price you would pay for a hotel offering an equivalent level of comfort and décor, you can enjoy several advantages not found in a hotel. Among them are considerably more space, a kitchen for preparing meals, laundry facilities, and a place to entertain if friends happen to be in Paris at the same time and you would like to have them over for cocktails or dinner. With an apartment you can also achieve that ineffable sense of being part of la vie parisienne rather than simply passing through like a tourist. It's fun in the morning to greet the building concierge with a cheery bonjour as you pass by en route to your favorite bakery for a baguette and croissants, to hail your own taxicab, to become a habitué (regular customer) at neighborhood bistros and cafés (the waiter will give you a knowing smile after about the third visit), perhaps even to visit the local presse to pick up an International Herald Tribune to see what's going on back home - or, better yet, to see how the Red Sox are doing.

All in all an apartment can be both a pleasant and financially prudent way of staying in Paris - if you choose wisely. If you do not, your entire experience in Paris will be diminished.

The purpose of this section of JUST FRANCE's Website is, first, to provide you with detailed information about renting an apartment in Paris so you can decide whether a hotel or an apartment would be better for your particular needs; and second, if you decide to stay in an apartment, to help you discover the right one for you. We are confident that you will find here a selection of properties that will suit your needs in terms of size, level of comfort and décor, location, budget and - this is often the difficult part - availability for your dates.

Assuming a happy combination of all these factors, we then hope you will become a part of the steadily growing number of clients whom JUST FRANCE has assisted in their travels to this wonderful country, and to the amazing city which is its capitol.


("Arrondissement" is the term used in Paris for a district, or neighborhood.)

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