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Selecting a property

When choosing an apartment for your trip to Paris, you can go about it in one of two ways. You can browse our website and pick out the apartments which appeal to you and fit your needs, then contact us by phone or e-mail for more information and confirmation of availability. Or, you can simply drop us a line with your dates, the number of people in your group, and the group configuration, (number of couples, single adults, and children with ages) and your budget. Our contact form is designed to include the most useful details. We’ll use this information to recommend suitable properties.

When contacting us, please be sure to include all the relevant information. Any delays—such as contacting you for more details about your needs—could lead to reduced availability, especially if you’re traveling in a high-demand season.

Confirming a reservation

When you have a selected a property please notify us of your decision immediately (sometimes a delay of even an hour can mean the difference between confirmation and disappointment). Having verified the booking with the owner, we will then transmit a Rental Agreement by fax, e-mail or express delivery. The Rental Agreement will specify the rental price, extra charges (if any), amount of security deposit, maximum number of persons who may occupy the property overnight, and when the final payment is due. The Rental Agreement also sets out in detail the terms and conditions of rental.

We ask that you return the signed Rental Agreement to us immediately, then make a copy for your records and return the original Rental Agreement along with your check or Payment Authorization Form (for payments by credit card) for the initial payment.

Initial payment

The initial payment required to secure a reservation is 50 percent of the total rental price. This payment is due in the offices of Just France seven days after the client's receipt of a Rental Agreement. If the start date of the rental is less than 65 days from the date the Rental Agreement is issued, the full rental price plus refundable security deposit is due within seven days.

Methods of Payment

Checks are payable to Just France. Wire transfer instructions are available. Credit cards are accepted for payment of rent; however, security deposits are payable by check or wire transfer only. Credit cards are also accepted for car rental and rail bookings, and to secure hotel reservations.

A 2% discount off the rental price is available for most rentals when paid by check or wire transfer in US dollars.

Payment acknowledgment

Immediately upon receipt of your initial or final payment Just France will mail you an Acknowledgement of Payment. The Acknowledgement will note the remaining balance, if any, and when payment is due.

Final payment

The second half of the rent and any security deposit are due in our offices 65 days before the first day of your rental. This schedule is dictated by the fact that most owners typically require final payment 60 days before arrival. We must strictly adhere to this procedure, and failure to comply may result in cancellation of a booking.

An invoice for the final amount will be emailed in advance of the due date.


Cancellation of a confirmed reservation is a painful event for both owner and renter. The renter cancels because of some unexpected hardship; meanwhile the owner may have turned away rental opportunities and thus lost revenue.

Our cancellation provisions are as follows: If notice of a cancellation is received in writing 180 days or more before arrival date, 50 percent of the initial deposit will be returned; if received 179 days or less before arrival, none of the deposit will be refunded. Failure to pay the final balance due by 65 days before arrival may be deemed a cancellation with no refund due. Security deposits are fully refundable.

Clients are strongly urged to take out Trip Cancellation Insurance with the carrier of their choice at the time of confirmation. JUST FRANCE provides information from a nationally known company which offers insurance for trip cancellation, emergency medical situations, and baggage loss. Trip cancellation insurance costs around $70 per $1,000 of coverage. We routinely include information for trip cancellation insurance with the Acknowledgement of Payment.

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Security Deposit

Owners of properties in France almost invariably require a refundable security deposit in addition to rent. The amount and terms of these deposits are set by property owners, and they vary widely. Factors entering into the amount of security deposits include the quality of furnishings, length of stay, the owners' past experience with renters, and size and configuration of the group.

Just France is usually able to return all or virtually all of a client's security deposit (minus any appropriate charges) within three weeks of departure. Sometimes we are obliged to withhold a small portion - generally $100 or less - until the owner notifies us of phone charges for the client's stay. The delay is caused by the fact that France Télécom bills on a bi-monthly rather than monthly basis. All security deposits are settled within 75 days of departure.

It is extremely rare that the owner and renter disagree as to the amount of final charges to be deducted from the security deposit. Infrequently, a dispute arises over a deduction for damange. In the unlikely event that such a dispute arises, Just France will, at the renter's request, intervene with the owner to authenticate the claimed damage and mediate the dispute. However, since Just France has no facility for fact-finding or adjudicating the dispute, in most cases it will accept the owner's word as to the fact and the extent of the damage.

Please note that although your rental may not have a final cleaning charge, this assumes that the property is left in good condition. You are not expected to vacuum, launder the towels, or clean the bathrooms; however, please leave the apartment tidy, take out the trash and wash any dishes. If the housekeeper has to spend more than the typical amount of time to restore the apartment to normal cleanliness, there may be a deduction from your security deposit for cleaning.

Extra charges

The days of paying separately for rent, heat, laundry, and cleaning are gone. In all but a few cases, the price quoted will include all taxes, fees and utilities. Most of our apartments include housecleaning weekly for stays of two weeks and longer, and the final cleaning is always included. If there are any extra charges, they will be noted on your Rental Agreement. Your own telephone tolls are always an extra charge.

The extra charges you may encounter include:

Excess electricity. A few owners, mostly those whose apartments are air-conditioned, may charge for consumption of electricity beyond what is normal for that time of year.

Excess occupancy. If an apartment normally accommodates a given number of people, it may be possible to accommodate a visitor or two, with an extra charge to cover the cost of the linen laundering involved.

Sunday arrival. If the caretaker of an apartment does not normally work on Sundays, the owner may be obliged to compensate him for working on his day off.

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