About ResponseWorks

Bringing Out the Best in People and Businesses

ResponseWorks, Inc. was established, in 1998, to provide high quality employee assistance services in response to employer and employee needs. The company is dedicated to providing quick access to services which can assist employees in their efforts at resolving work and personal/family issues. Further, ResponseWorks is committed to providing employers with the training and assistance to respond effectively to events which create traumatic stress for their employees and customers.


ResponseWorks is flexible and therefore able to respond quickly to the changing needs of today's work force and the needs of employers with multiple locations. ResponseWorks networks with resources that cover the United States and extensive international locations as well. The company builds programs for the specific needs of each customer.


ResponseWorks has expertise in the field of employee assistance and behavioral healthcare including drug and alcohol assessment and case management, and organizational and program development. The company also has expertise in crisis response training, crisis management, and emergency response services for employers and employees who have experienced traumatic stress. These services include response to natural disasters, terrorist acts, violence/death in the work place, and transportation disasters. ResponseWorks also provides services to companies undergoing major changes impacting their work force.


ResponseWorks utilizes a network of mental health professionals selected for their ability to provide competent and caring high quality services within their communities. Those providing services must meet the following minimum requirements: A Master's degree in a mental health discipline; Three years of clinical experience; An appropriate state license; Certification in any areas of specialization (e.g., drug and alcohol assessment and treatment, employee assistance services, and traumatic stress services) and finally; Professional liability insurance.

ResponseWorks continuously looks for ways to improve the quality of services by utilizing a basic counseling skill-listening to their customers. The company has found that the best programs are created by the combined efforts of skilled mental health professionals and employers who understand that concern for the well being of their employees and customers is also good business practice.

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