Crisis Management and Response Services

ResponseWorks provides crisis management planning, traumatic stress response services, and training. ResponseWorks staff and network providers have experience in responding to natural disasters (such as earthquakes, floods, fires), terrorist acts, sudden death/violence affecting the workplace and communities, and transportation disasters.

ResponseWorks provides a full range of services to prepare companies and organizations to respond effectively and compassionately to traumatic events which affect their customers/members, employees, and family members.

Initial services include:

  • Development of crisis plans (including family assistance)
  • Testing of crisis plans through periodic drills
  • Training and Consultation

Crisis Response Services include:

  • Activation System-24 hours/7 days
  • Professional Crisis Response Network
  • On site Crisis Management assistance
  • On site Traumatic Stress Support Services
  • Family Assistance Services
  • Liaison with appropriate authorities
  • Complete Debriefing and Follow Up Services
  • Incident Support Services for the Transportation Industry

ResponseWorks, Inc. announces a new service specifically designed to assist transportation companies in more effectively planning for and responding to incidents that create traumatic stress for their customers and employees. Seemingly 'minor incidents', those resulting in injury to passengers during travel, as well as 'close calls', create the need for information and services to alleviate traumatic stress and respond to serious customer care and business recovery issues.

ResponseWorks is equipped to assist in the planning for and responding to such incidents and is experienced in providing such services both to customers/passengers and employees. Our comprehensive approach includes:

Incident Response Planning and Management

  • Notification System
  • Training for staff responsible for customer care
  • Toll free assistance immediately available following an incident-in the US and internationally-for employees and passengers
  • On site assistance for employees and passengers
  • Consultation and coordination with Customer Service and Customer Relations personnel
  • Qualified, experienced traumatic stress counseling, if needed
  • Short term and long term follow up

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